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The aim of the Hong Kong Study Circle is to record and circulate information on the philatelic and postal history of Hong Kong and the Treaty Ports. Our main tool remains the Journal which we publish quarterly and distribute to our members. The Internet now affords us a means of circulating information to a wider audience. We will occasionally publish, on our website, papers that we think are of interest to a broad range of postal historians and others. The aim being to encourage contributions of information from beyond our membership and to make more people aware of the interests of our members.

NOTE: Most of the papers require the latest version of the Adobe reader.


French Maritime Markings,
on Hong Kong Adhesives or on Mail,
Associated With Hong Kong and Its Treaty Ports

By Philippe Orsetti

Table of Contents

Correspondence Numbering
Messageries Imperiales
Messageries Maritimes
1. Indochina Lines
2. Entry & Exchange
3. Ligne N
4. Lignes Annexes
5. Far East Lines
6. Indochina Lines
Index of Ships
Appendix; Messageries Maritime Ships



Hong Kong Small Broken-Ring Datestamp
Webb Type 12 Census - Update

by Dr Andrew Cheung FRPSL

Hong Kong Webb Type 12 Datestamp  
This latest version updates the previous articles that appeared in HKSC Journal 403 October 2022 and Hong Kong Philatelic Society Journal No. 27 (2023).

[Download Article] (Filesize 5Mb).



Hong Kong and
The British Consulate’s Post Office
at Bangkok from 1855 to 1885

by Michel Houde

Bangkok datestamp on Hong Kong stamp  
A presentation given by Michel Houde at the Toronto meeting on 12th February 2023. It is based on his book "The British Consulate's Post Office at Bangkok from 1855 to 1885" and looks at the Hong Kong stamps, covers & postal stationery cards used at Bangkok during this period.

[Download Presentation] (Filesize 7Mb).



The United States Post Offices

in China and Japan, 1867 to 1874

By Richard C. Frajola, Michael O. Perlman and Lee C. Scamp

The United States Post Offices in China and Japan 1867 to 1874  
Chapters -
1. Introduction
2. China Mails to 1867
3. Japan Mails to 1867
4. Pacific Mail Steamship Company
5. The 1867 Hong Kong Postal Convention
6. U.S. Post Office in Shanghai, China
7. U.S. Post Office in Yokohama, Japan
8. U.S. Post Office in Hiogo, Japan
9. U.S. Post Office in Nagasaki, Japan
10. U.S. Post Office in Hakodate, Japan
Appendices -
A. Eastbound PMSS Trip List
B. Westbound PMSS Trip List
C. Branch Line PMSS Trip List
D. 1868 U.S. - Hong Kong Treaty
E. Postal Marking Summary

Thank you to Mr. Richard Frajola for allowing us to
link to the download of the book from his website (Filesize 10Mb).

This book won the Webb Cup in 2006.



The "da Luz Covers"

By Philippe Orsetti

The da Luz Covers by Philippe Orsetti  

Table of Contents

Post Office Cancels
Commemorative Cancels
Covers and Address Formats
Postage Combination
High Value Stamps
First Day Covers
Last Day Covers
Post Office Visit Associations
Cancel Dates Preceding Stamp Issue
Sunday Cancels
Public Holiday Cancels
Bibliography: da Luz Related Articles


P020 - Updated 09-Mar-2022

The Definitive Adhesives of Queen Elizabeth II 1954-62

By Nick Halewood and David Antscherl

Hong Kong QEII 1954 Postage Stamps
Version 8 of this literary composition now comprises 81 pages. New versions containing additional sections and updates will be uploaded when available.


  Messageries Maritimes Ships
Having Served on Far East Lines (1867 to 1932)
by Philippe Orsetti
Messageries Maritimes Ship - Aramis   This document illustrates each of the 90 Messageries Maritimes ships that have operated on the Far East lines, having often called on Hong Kong, in order to associate them to their corresponding postal markings.



  Hong Kong Branch Offices List
compiled by Ingo Nessel
List of branch offices in alphabetic order with opening/closure dates, code letters, replacement/forerunner details etc. This list has been supplied as an Excel spreadsheet so that you can expand it to suit your collecting interests. A read only version in PDF has also been provided in case you don't have Excel.

HKSC Members Only - Please login to enable download


  Tientsin British Post Office Datestamps
by Chris Norton
Hong Kong Treaty Ports Tientsin BPO Type 2i   This paper updates the available information and classification of the Tientsin B.P.O. date stamps. Varieties and forgery are shown and a scarcity guide is also provided.



  Hiogo - 'D30' Obliterator Survey
by Neill Granger and Andrew Cheung
D30-Cancel   In view of the increasing number of fake/forged Hiogo D30 cancels, the authors have given permission for this article to be made available to collectors to assist them in identifying such forgeries. This article is not restricted to members only.

This article was originally published in the Hong Kong Philatelic Society Journal No. 18 in 2014.



  United States Naval Hong Kong Markings
by Philippe Orsetti
US Naval  Hong Kong Markings A study of US naval postmarks struck in Hong Kong waters on mail posted onboard US Navy warships.


  Red Cross Envelopes during the Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong
by Philippe Orsetti
Hong Kong Red Cross Envelope The object of this Monograph is to make available, for further research, all the data concerning this subject that have been accumulated by the author over the years.

The scope of this document is limited to the outgoing Red Cross covers from Hong Kong and excludes incoming covers.


 Hong Kong & Treaty Ports Forwarding Agents Markings
During the XIX Century
by Philippe Orsetti
updated June 2016


This list consolidates all the known records from Col. F.W. Webb, Peter Pugh, Fred Stubens, Kenneth Rowe and the author.

This list includes Hong Kong & its Treaty Ports of China and Japan, plus so-called Pseudo-Treaty Ports such as Bangkok and Manila.

To automatically qualify, a marking must contain one of the words "Forwarded by…", "Encaminada…" or "Transmis par .." It may also display "Stamped by…" or "Postage Paid by..." terms used by some forwarding agents.

This list, with additional notes regarding the history of the corresponding companies, is generously hosted and available on the website:


 Hong Kong Fiscal Seals & Adhesives
by Philippe Orsetti
Feb 2013
2014 Webb Cup Winner

title image

Updated: Sept 2013
This Monograph illustrates and organizes as many as possible of the revenue seals and adhesives that have been issued in Hong Kong until its transfer of sovereignty on July 1, 1997. It is a virtual collection gathered from the holdings of several long time collectors. It should help present and future philatelists in organizing their collections. It will give them guidance and avenues to make additional discoveries.

Due to the volume of the files resulting from the inclusion of hundreds of scans, the Monograph has been split in three parts as follow:

NOTE: Download time may be as long as 10 minutes per Part.

Part I: (1867 - 1945) Fiscal Seals & Revenue Adhesives from the Reigns of QV to KGV (including the WWII Japanese Occupation) [pdf, 9.4 Megs] 1st update

Monograph-Erratum-Part I [104 K]

Part II: (1938 - 1952) Revenue Adhesives during the Reign of KGVI (including numeral design issues) [pdf, 12.9 Megs] 

Part III: (1953 - 1997) Revenue Adhesives during the Reign of QEII. [pdf, 10.5 Megs]


 Hong Kong Airmails – 1924-1952
by Nick Halewood
21 November 2010

In September 1911 the first official British air mail service operated between Hendon, London, and Windsor. It was, technically, the first time air mail for Hong Kong had been accepted, so this postcard was among the first mail to arrive in Hong Kong that at some stage had been carried by an official air mail service .
This exhibit traces the development of the airmail routes and rates out of Hong Kong; covering the first mail accepted in Hong Kong for air transmission at some stage in 1924, the despatches for the Karachi United Kingdom and Shanghai-Manchouli routes in 1929 and 1931, respectively, the first regular despatches for the Saigon-Marseilles route in 1932, through the disruption caused by World War 11, to the introduction of four zones in 1952. Experimental, private and incoming flights that contributed to the expansion of airmail routes from Hong Kong and mail from Hong Kong-related crashes are also represented. Much of the detailed information is the result of ongoing personal research by the exhibitor.

Frame 1, Frame 2, Frame 3, Frame 4,
Frame 5, Frame 6, Frame 7, Frame 8


French Mail Paquebot Far East Itineraries  1862 – 1880  (FEMSI Volume 2)
by Lee Scamp

This book is Volume 2 of Far East Mail Ship Itineraries (FEMSI), Vol. 1 of which concerned primarily the P&O. 
FEMSI Volume 2 provides tabular itineraries of the French mail ship lines to, from, and within the Far East, 1862 – 1880.  Comprehensive Oriental French paquebot itineraries between Hong Kong, Shanghai and Yokohama are detailed, and augmented by eastward and westward dates at Marseille for these voyages (many of the Marseille dates from Salles’ Tome II).  Some more limited information is included concerning the rest of the French line port calls between France and the Orient: Messina / Naples, Alexandria / Port Said, Suez, Aden, Galle / Colombo, Singapore, and Saigon.

Mr. Scamp's email address:

Uploaded: 22 Dec. 2010 Description
pdf file [103 KB]
Order Form
pdf file [95 KB]


 French Messageries Imperiales / Maritimes Mail Paquebot Itineraries to, from, and within the Far East 1862 – 1880 Far East Mail Ship Itineraries, Volume 2
by Lee C. Scamp
Click on the links below to view presentations Mr. Scamp gave on his newest book. Both files are filled with many interesting examples.

Mr. Scamp's email address:

This submission was published on this website: May 2010
The book is to be published later in 2010.
View Presentation 1
pdf file [1363 KB]

View Presentation 2
pdf file [2121 KB]

Order Form
pdf file [93 KB]


 Subject Matter Index for Journal 335-346 (inclusive)
Timothy Webb
This index commences with Journal No.335 (October 2005). A degree of cross-referencing has been included where the subject matter has lent itself to it.
published: April 2010 View pdf file [103 KB]
View as a web page


 Author Index, Bulletin/Journal Nos. 1-351
Timothy Webb
Timothy Webb compiled the bulk, Journal Nos. 1-347, of this list; Nick J. Halewood added entries for Journal Nos. 348-351.
published: March 2010 View pdf file [153 KB]
View as a web page


 Caveat Emptor - A New Breed of Fakers at Work!
by  Michel Houde

With the widespread use of scanners, computer printers, philatelic reference works etc. fakers have discovered how easily these are to produce.
published: March 2009 View pdf file [169 KB]


 Hong Kong Postal Stationery Finds and Updates
by  Lee C. Scamp

Postal Stationery Monograph

HK QV PC Earliest Uses Appendix:
View Table pdf [`7.2 Megs]
View Scans pdf [200 KB]
"After I completed the original HKPS [Hong Kong Philatelic Society] registration envelope article, I thought I should expand it beyond the constraints of that topic to encompass new finds and to include  updates to the earliest and latest dates that Col. Webb and others have recorded for the rest of the various types of Hong Kong postal stationery."

updated: 31 July 2013


 French Ship Mail by Harmon Fine
A presentation given by Harmon Fine illustrating this subject using covers and stamps.
published: January 2009 View pdf file [228 KB]


French Far East Mail Ship Itineraries by Lee C. Scamp
A presentation given by Lee Scamp in Washington, DC during the 2006 International Stamp Show.
published: January 2009 View pdf file [3,026 KB]


Hong Kong Officially Sealed Labels Catalog by Philippe Orsetti
First color issue; March 15, 2008
Revised and augmented as of July 21, 2010
Revised and augmented as of November 7, 2016

Officially Sealed Labels are used to secure letters and packages received in damaged condition or damaged at the Post Office. In Hong Kong, during the First World War, they were also used to reseal letters that were opened by censors, before the introduction of a specific resealing strip in the early part of 1915.
published: November 2016 View pdf file [6.9 MB]


Direction Markings: Re-Direction Markings Reconsidered by Charles A. Jones
Names of ports, such as Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore, are occasionally found as unframed, straight-line markings on loose stamps, post cards, and covers of Hong Kong, Straits Settlements, and one example so far from North Borneo.
published: April 2007 View HTML


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