Philatelic Study Group:
Hong Kong Security Markings and Perfins
Recent Items of Interest.

Rod Sell. 8th August

Group II 93  S T & Co. with Sinagpore arriveal cancel.

Frank Drake. 4th August

 The QV 2c stamp shows the Group II, Melchers & Co security marking ( Which one? 73a, 73b, or 73c....can't tell the inking colour) with a Macau arrival cancel. The letter on which the company host stamp was used for postage, must have been posted on board the ship travelling from Hong Kong to Macau and subsequently chopped in Macau with a Portuguese Post Office cancellation (Webb Macau type Di).  Unusual and interesting.

BI Perfin from Rod Sell. 10th July

When purchased on ebay I thought this perfin could be a fake.  I can now see it has been double punched to produce the oval holes which also make the I not appear in a straight line.

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