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Hong Kong Study Circle Specialising in the Philately of Hong Kong and the Treaty Ports Founded 1951 

Journal Archives and Index     Introductory Notes (plus Version 2 Update Notes, Sept. 2018)         

Version 2 Update Notes

1. Index Revision
The index has undergone major revision to improve its structure and consistency. It was the wish of our late chairman Mick Goldsmith that the study circle journal index should be organised along the lines of the sections and chapters in Colonel Webb’s book. This version of the index is the first step towards this goal. The previous alphabetic index has been converted to a more structured index. Suggestions on how to improve the index are welcomed.

A list of the index topics and their sub-topics is available here.

2. Index Extension
Bulletins 223-255, Journals 312-324 and Newsletters 256-342 have now been added to the index. Articles from these will be put on-line gradually over the next few months. The period covered by the index is now January 1980 to January 2003. Only technical material from the bulletins and newsletters are included, administrative matters have been omitted.

For newer members, the current Journal and Newsletter format came into being with No. 256, before then information was published in Bulletins containing numbered and headed paragraphs and appendices.


The purpose of this system is to provide a computerised index of HKSC Journals and access to articles from back issues of Journals.

The index in use has been adapted from Philippe Orsetti’s Index of Indexes, the main change being the addition of journal article titles to the index. Philippe’s index covers Bulletin no. 1 to Journal no. 311 (October 1999). The period covered by this first version of the system is Journal nos. 256 (December 1985) to 311 (October 1999).

A copy of Philippe’s index is available here.

The index is organised into topics and sub-topics and the system allows browsing of them to obtain lists of articles in each topic or sub-topic. Not all topics have sub-topics and articles maybe be categorised under more than one topic.

Index searches are performed by looking for matching words in article titles and the article’s topics.

Access to articles is through the Index. Articles that are available online can be viewed by selecting the Link Icon icon next to the article. Currently the articles from Journals nos. 256 (December 1985) to 311 (October 1999) are online, more will be added in the coming months.

Search Tips
a) Searches are not case sensitive.
b) Punctuation marks are not necessary, e.g. searching on IPO will match records containing IPO and I.P.O.
c) Searching on a singular word will also return records containing the plural of that word, but not the other way round.
d) Basic Search option only allows searching for words in Title/Topics
e) Advanced Search allows searching of any combination of Title/Topic, Publication Year, Author and Journal No. So for example you can view an entire journal by searching on a journal no., or produce an author index by searching on author.
e) When using Fuzzy Matching, searching on Post will return matches containing Post, Postal, Postage, Speedpost etc., whereas with Exact Matching only Post will be returned.
f) Match Any Words can be helpful when searching on multiple words e.g. Fiscal Revenue Duty

Any suggestions on how the system and indexing can be improved are welcome and should be sent to

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