Wilde Cup Winner

1994 - I. G. Nessel

8 December 1941 airmail cover manuscript "VIA CNAC" addressed to Australia (re-addressed to Canada) franked KGVI adhesives total $1.50 cancelled Webb Type J Kowloon Hong Kong cds dated "8 DE / 47" (7 days later than records of Proud and Schoenfeld); cover front struck with "DETAINED IN HONGKONG / BY JAPANESE / FROM DECEMBER 1941 TO SEPTEMBER 1945", "NO SERVICE" and "RETOUR" markings; cover back struck with Victoria Hong Kong cds dated "8 DE / 41" and Japanese Occupation period datestamp of Kowloon dated "17-2-11" (11 February 1942), previously not seen in conjunction with the Detained in HK handstamp.