Wilde Cup Winner

1993 - A. J. Cutner

Unrecorded type postal stationery of registered envelope with "R in Oval Circle" at top left and without the box for sender's name and address, KGVI 25c registration stamp on flap and 25c acknowledgement printed on the reverse; forced mail use, purchased and paid in HK currency at an Indian Army camp in Kowloon after the Liberation and posted there to London, franked with two Indian KGVI 3 Annas adhesives paying the airmail rate of 6 Annas and cancelled Field Post Office Webb Service Type 2 "No.127" double-circle cds of 27 April 1946 and with a registration label of F.P.O. Another similar example of envelope dated 1947 was known to Mr. Baker but sent through the GPO as civil mail.