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Email from Philippe Orsetti 8th August

Item 1

Item 3

Item 3

Dick Scheper 5th July.

Is this is a security marking?

Email from Philippe Orsetti 5th July
This is a fiscal marking. Security markings on fiscal stamps are ambiguous. So far, we have recorded any firm markings on postage stamps (some being probably revenue), giving them benefit of the doubt.
However on revenue stamps, we have recorded perfins, and printed firm markings only when associated with a revenue cancel.

Email from Ming Tsang 5th July
It was a Pen Cancel on a receipt that meant:
Mr. "Lai Yau received" (the money).

Email from Harmon Fine 1st July 2001

Ming has translated what he can read on this Chinese marking.
Any other input is appreciated. thanks.

The first letter can't read because only a very small part.  The second
letter is Cheong. The 1st and 2nd letters together could be the name of
the Co. If it was the case, the third letter means book, and there should
be a missing 4th letter means store. It looks like a company name in
the form of a handstamp and used as a security marking in this case.

Email from Harmon Fine 8th July 2001

Can anyone read the Chinese to help me determine which security marking this is?

Email from Ming Tsang 8th July 2001
The 3 characters meant: New Center Center (or Middle or China or Chinese) reading
from the right to the left.
There should be another character in the left. Without this last character, it is hard
to tell what was that.
The first 2 in the right should mean New China, then, the last 2 may be Chinese News
or Magazine, or even Middle School.

Email from Chris Leung  16th April 2007
I was trying to make some sense of Frank's unknown Chinese Chop and looking through those Chinese markings in Rod's wedsite I spotted yours with those Chinese characters that matched exactly with the one I solved for Frank a while ago - Type I-135 H Skott & Co.  I put the recorded types with yours side-by-side for comparison as shown in the attached image file.  Yours shouldn't be the Type I-135a because the width between the double ovals didn't seem to match.  If I-135 also don't fit, then you have a new sub-type.


Email from Harmon Fine 8th July 2001

Another Chinese marking for translation.  2nd image from Rod Sell.
These are both revenue cancels using personal chops.

Email from Ming Tsang 8th July 2001
It translates as "Fook Yuen" which could be a company name because it has
only 2 characters without a family name in the front.

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