Hong Kong Study Circle Specialising in the Philately of Hong Kong and the Treaty Ports Founded 1951 

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Hong Kong Study Circle Journal Index - Version 2 (September 2018)

This is the list of topics and subtopics used in the index for Bulletins/Journals/Newsletters Nos. 223-342

Main Topics Show Sub-Topics
Accountancy Markings
No Sub-Topics
Adhesives QV
1862 Specimens
1863 12c with B62 in Blue
1863 24c Green Flaw
1863 30c Mauve Plate Flaw
1863 30c Vermilion
1863 5c on 30c Mauve
1863 6c
1863 8c Coloured Yellow
1863-70 Issue Plate Proofs Overprinted Cancelled
1865 96c Olive-Bistre
1876 16c on 18c
1876 16c on 18c Broken 1
1876 28c on 30c
1876 28c on 30c Broken 8
1876 28c on 30c Slopping Letters
1876 28c on 30c Varieties/Forgeries
1876 28c on 30c with Missing Stop
1880 10c on 16c Double Overprint
1882 10c Green
1882 10c Purple/Red Selvedge Watermark
1882 2c Rose Lake
1882 5c Reversed Watermark
1885 20c on 30c
1885 20c on 30c with S1 Cancel
1891 20c on 30c with Broken 0
1891 20c on 30c with Unusual Chinese Character
1891 Jubilee
1891 Surcharges
1897 $1 on $2 Postal Fiscal
1898 10c Double Overprint
1898 10c on 30c
1898 10c Provisional Issue Double Overprint
1900 10c Ultramarine Colour Variations
1900 30c Brown
Colour Problems
Essay of 50c on 48c
Inter-Panneau Pair on Cover
Provisional Issues
SO & SD Overprints
Watermarked/Un-watermarked Paper
Wing Margins
Adhesives KEVII
1903 12c Green&Purple/Yellow Flaw in Hong Character
1903 12c with Broken Character
1903 1c Purple and Brown
1903 4c Purple-Red Plate Flaw
1903/1904 12c on White Paper
1904 $10 Inverted Watermark
1904 20c Watermark Inverted
Artists Sketches: KEVII & KGVI
Requisition Numbers
Specimen and Ultramar Overprints
Stamp Booklets
Adhesives KGV
1912 $10 Purple and Black/Red Variety
1912 12c Purple/Yellow
1912 1c Brown
1912 25c Purple & Magenta
1912 4c Carmine Red
1912 6c Yellow-Orange
1912 6c Yellow-Orange Variety
1921 12c Purple/Yellow
1921 1c Broken Crown
1921 20c Purple and Sage-Green
1921 25c Broken Flower Flaw
1921 25c Purple & Magenta
1921 4c Carmine Rose
1921 50c Black/Emerald Variety
1921 5c Violet
1921 8c Grey
1931 3c Grey - Earliest Date
1931 5c Violet - Earliest Date
Bisected Stamps
Die Proofs
Interpanneau Gutter 'Pillars'
Silver Jubilee
Silver Jubilee Flaw
Specimen and Colonias Overprints
Stamp Booklets
Adhesives KGV China Overprints
1917 1c Brown Requisition D
1917 1c Brown Sideways Wmk
1917 4c Carmine-Red
1921 50c Black/Emerald
1922 4c Carmine-Rose
Continued Use
Late Philatelic Use (1936)
Stamp Booklets
Wei Hai Wei
Adhesives KGVI
10c Requisition M
1938 $1 Dull Lilac and Blue Plate Flaw Variety
4c Requisition B
Artists Sketches: KEVII & KGVI
Centenary Essays
Requisition Letter Blocks
UPU 1948 80c Variety
Victory Issue
Victory Shade Variations
Adhesives QEII (Definitives)
1954 25c Scarlet
1954 5c Impeforate
1982 Issue Colour Shifts
1982 New Issue
1992-1997 Series Withdrawal
1997 Neutral Issue
Annigoni - General
Annigoni 10c Inverted Watermark
Annigoni Printings 1962-1973
Forgeries - Machin
Frama Labels
Machins - 1975 10c Imperforate
Machins - 1981 New Issues
New Issues
Presentation Packs
Printing Problems
Requisition Letters 24-Jun-1959
Stamp Booklets
Varieties - 1982 Issue
Adhesives QEII (Commemoratives)
1963 Freedom From Hunger
1973 Royal Wedding
1976 Girl Guides
1977 Tourism
1978 Chinese New Year
1978 Po Leung Kuk
1979 Butterflies
1979 Industries
1979 Mass Transit Railway
1980 Parks
1980 Queen Mother
1980 Rural Architecture
1981 Fish
1981 Public Housing
1981 Royal Wedding
1982 Fauna
1982 Port of Hong Kong
1982 Sport for the Disabled
1983 Commonwealth Day
1983 Hong Kong by Night
1983 Performing Arts
1983 Royal Observatory
1984 Aviation
1984 Chinese Lanterns
1984 Jockey Club
1984 Maps of Hong Kong
1985 Dragon Boat Festival
1985 Flowers
1985 Historice Buildings
1985 New Buildings
1985 Queen Mother
1986 19th Century Portraits
1986 Expo '86
1986 Fishing Vessels
1986 Halley's Comet
1986 Queen Elizabeth 60th Birthday
1987 Chinese New Year (Year of the Rabbit)
1987 Historical Chinese Costumes
1987 Historical Scenes
1987 Medical Centenary
1988 Catholic Cathedral
1988 Chinese New Year (Year of the Dragon)
1988 Community Chest
1988 Hong Kong Birds
1988 Peak Tramway
1988 Trees
1989 Building for the Future
1989 Cheung Chau Bun Festival
1989 Chinese New Year (Year of the Snake)
1989 Hong Kong People
1989 Modern Art
1989 Royal Visit
1990 Chinese New Year (Year of the Horse)
1990 Christmas
1990 Electricity Centenary
1990 International Cuisine
1990 World Environment Day
1991 Chinese New Year (Year of the Ram)
1991 Education
1991 Landmarks
1991 Post Office 150th Anniversary
1991 Public Transport
1992 40th Anniversary of QEII's Accession
1992 Chinese New Year (Year of the Monkey)
1992 Chinese Opera
1992 Greeting Stamps
1992 Olympic Games
1992 Stamp Collecting
1993 40th Anniversary of Coronation
1993 Chinese New Year (Year of the Cock)
1993 Chinese String Musical Instruments
1993 Goldfish
1993 Science and Technology
1994 Chinese Festivals
1994 Chinese New Year (Year of the Dog)
1994 Commonwealth Games
1994 Corals
1994 Dr. James Legge
1994 Royal Hong Kong Police
1995 Chinese New Year (Year of the Pig)
1995 International Sporting Events
1995 Movie Stars
1995 Royal Hong Kong Regiment
1995 Rural Architecture
1996 Archaeological Discoveries
1996 Chinese New Year (Year of the Rat)
1996 Mountains
1996 Olympic Games
1996 Olympic Games Special Issue
1996 Urban Heritage
1997 Chinese New Year (Year of the Ox)
1997 Establishment of H.K.S.A.R.
1997 Migratory Birds
1997 Modern Landmarks
1997 Seashells
1997 World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund
1998 Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger)
1998 Hong Kong Designs
1998 International Airport
1998 Kites
1998 Scouts
1998 Star Ferry
1999 Chinese New Year (Year of the Rabbit)
1999 Giant Pandas
1999 International Year of the Elderly
1999 Public Transport
1999 Tourist Sights
1999 Twelve Animals of the Chinese Lunar Cycle
Adhesives HKSAR (Definitives)
1997 and 1999 Series
1999 Definitive Stamps New Values
2002 Definitive Stamps
Adhesives HKSAR (Commemoratives)
1999 50th Anniv. of People's Republic of China
1999 Chinese White Dolphin
2000 Chamber of Commerce
2000 Insects
2000 Museums and Libraries
2000 New Millennium
2000 Olympic Games
2000 Red Cross
2000 Year of the Dragon
2001 Children Stamps
2001 Dragon Boat Race
2001 Film Stars
2001 Greeting Stamps
2001 Herbs
2001 Public Water Supply
2001 Tea Culture
2001 Year of the Horse
2001 Year of the Snake
2002 5th Anniversary of HKSAR
2002 Beijing - Kowloon Through Trains
2002 Christmas
2002 Corals
2002 Geology
2002 Information Technology
2002 Modern Art
2002 World Cup
Airmail and Routes
Air France , Air Orient
Akyab - Penang - Hong Kong 1936
BOAC Feeder Service to Bangkok
Buenos Aires - Hong Kong
Buenos Aires-Auckland-Hong Kong
Canadian FAM14
Canton Sorting Office in Hong Kong
Canton-Hong Kong-Pakhoi
Cathay Pacific Airways First Flight 24.04.1959
England-Singapore-Hong Kong
Eurasia Aviation Corporation
Far East Aviation Co. (1929)
First Flights
Hong Kong - French Equatorial Africa 1941
Hong Kong - Singapore - UK
Hong Kong Mail by the Horseshoe Route 1940-41
Hong Kong- Laurenco Marques-Reunion
Hong Kong-Penang
Imperial Airways
Paris to Hong Kong by Air
Rates Post-War
Round The World Flight(?) 1932
Routes and Rates 1939-41
Routes and Rates 1965
Saigon-Marseilles Air Orient 1932
Saudi Arabia - Hong Kong
Shanghai-Hong Kong Round the World Flight
Singapore - Hong Kong
Spirit of Fun 1932
Tientsin (Japanese-Occupied), Cover From
to Hong Kong
Wuchow-HK , Webb Flight No. 69
Airmail Markings
Air Mail
Air Mail Bilingual
Air Mail, Boxed Rectangular
Air Throughout
Air Transit AV2 FS OAT & SR Handstamps
Air Transit AV2 OAT & SR Handstamps
Air Transit Markings
Airmail via Hong Kong
Bandoeng-Amsterdam Air Mail Service
By Air Mail / India - Chungking - U.S.A.
By Air Throughout
By Air to
By Air To . . . . . . . . . .
By Air to Hong Kong
By Air to Leyte
By Air to London Only
By Air to Singapore Only
By Air to U.S. Only
By Air Upto San Francisco Only
By Air Via Calcutta or Hong Kong
Cancellations 1932
Damaged By Water Through Accident to Flying Boat
Direct Airmail Service
From Hong Kong by U.S. Air Service
Instructional Markings
Insufficently Prepaid for Airmail Transmission
Insufficiently Prepaid for Transmission by Air
Irregularly Posted For Air Mail
Jusqu'a Airmail Markings
Kowloon CDS
Macua Markings
Par Avion (Hong Kong) Via Airmail
Par Avion / Via Hong Kong
Par Avion de Hong Kong
Par Avion de Hong Kong A Marseille
Per R.M.A. Dorado
To Europe by KLM
To Hong Kong by Eurasia
Via Air Mail
Via Hong Kong and by IAL
Via Hong Kong by U.S. Air Service
Via Rangoon per C.N.A.C.
Via Siberia Airmail Shanghai-Manchouli
WWII and Censorship
Airmail Miscellaneous
1911 London-Windsor Coronation Flight
1937 Cover to Sweden
Kai Tak Mail Mechanisation
Literature - Hong Kong Airmails 1924-41 - Additions and Corrections
Arrival and Transit Markings
Brisbane Queensland
Canton Chinese P.O.
Haiphong/Tonkin, 1914
Hong Kong Cancels on Chinese Adhesives
Hong Kong on French Indo-China Postcard
Ipoh (Malaya)
Lourenco Marques
Macau 1893
Makasser, Indonesia
On Stamps Other Than Hong Kong
Tandjongpriok (Java)
Branch Offices
1907 Cancellators
1987 List with Opening/Closing Dates
1997 Branch Post Offices Codes
Ap Lei Chau
Cheung Chau
Chi Foo Fa-Yeun
Events 1988-1993
Fairview Park
FESPIC Temporary P.O.
Gillies Avenue
Granville Road
Kai Tak - Mail Mechanisation
Kowloon Bay
Kowloon Central
Kowloon City
Kwa Shing
Kwun Tong
Ma Tau Wai
Mei Lam
Morrison Hill Road
Mui Wo
New Branches
Ngau Chi Wan
Oi Man
Peng Chau
Ping Shan
Pok Fu Lam
Rennie's Mill
Sai Kung
Sai Wan Ho
San Po Kong
San Tin
Sha Kok
Sha Tin
Sham Shui Po
Shau Kei Wan
Shek Wai Kok
Sheung Wan
Shun Lee
Standard Types H, J, K, Pi, Pii, Piii, Piv, Pv, Q
Standard Types R, S, T, U
Standard Types V, W, X, Y, Z
Tai Hing
Tai Hung
Tai Po
Tsim Sha Tsui
Tsing Yu
Type W Cancellations in Use 1987
Un Long
Wanchai , Wantsai
Yau Yat Tseun
Yuen Long (Un Long)
Branch Offices - Kowloon
1907 Cancellators
Air Mail
Central Registered
Machine Cancellations
Registered Mail
Returned Letter Office Kowloon CDS
Type 3 (K.B.)
Type B
Type I
Type K (Repaired Hong Hong)
Type M Sub-Type
Types A, B (K.B.)
Types I, J, K, L, M, N & O
Unknown in Kowloon
Branch Offices - Western Branch
1907 Cancellators
Type A - Hong Kong W.B.
Type B
Type C
Type D
Type D - Unrecorded Index D
Type E
Type G
Type J
Western Branch Cancels on Chinese Stamps
British Forces Mail
19th Century
Admiralty Naval Marking 1945
Boer War to Hong Kong
British Forces PO
British Meter Used in Hong Kong
Civil Address - Not Forces Mail Marking
Fleet Mail
FPO 103
FPO 1037
FPO 1044
FPO 127 & 222
FPO 129
FPO 140
FPO 334 & 335
FPO 365
FPO 707
FPO 815
FPO 970
Indian FPO 127
Mail from China
Naval Provost Marshal Oval Handstamp
Official Paid
Post Liberation
QEII Air Letter Returned to Sender
RAF - see main topic RAF Post
Registered Envelopes
Royal Navy
SDS Courier Service
Censorship & Censor Markings
138 Censor No. & HQ Force 'C'
Boxed Numerals
Censor Marks Used as Cancellations
Censor Resealing Strips
Covers from HMS Gnat & Durban
Naval Provost Marshall Handstamp 1939
Not Opened by Censor
Passed Censor
Passed Censor 9 With Only Passed Shown
WWII - SR TR LR SB Handstamps
China and Chinese Imperial Post
Cancellations on Hong Kong Stamps
Canton Chinese P.O. Arrival Markings
Canton Dollar Chop
Canton Sorting Office in Hong Kong
Cash Covers
Customs Amoy
Customs Chinese
Customs Kowloon
Customs Pakhoi
Customs Tientsin
Early Mail to Europe
Expeditionary Force
Hong Kong Cancels on Chinese Adhesives
I.P.O. Tieprints
Pa Kua
Pa Kua - Canton
Postal History Society of China
Steamer Box Canton (Punyu)
The Canton River
Combination Covers
Pakhoi 1897
Peking and Shanghai Customs 1879
Shanghai - Russian Post Office 1903
Tibet to China 1911
Wei Hai Wei/Chefoo/Hong Kong to Germany 1899
Damaged Mail
No Sub-Topics
Definitions and Descriptions
Consignee Covers
Descriptive Titles/Terminology
Forwarding Agents
Hong Kong Postal History
Inter-Panneau Description
Local Post
Pa Kua Markings
Plate Flaws
Postal Stationery
Security Markings
Stamp Booklets
Fiscal Stamps
10c Violet
KGVI $200 Fiscals
Postal Uses
QEII with Inversion
QV 2c Greenish Grey
Forgeries and Fakes
1938 5c Revenues With Forged Victoria/Hong Kong Cancels
96c B62
Chu Chin Chow Overprints
KEVII 1903 $3
Pannelli QV 18c B62
QEII Definitives - Machin
QV 1876 28c on 30c
QV 1891 Jubilee
QV SO Overprint
Sperati 96c Olive-Bistre
Victoria 1938
Victoria Hong Kong Cancel Dated 26 Dec 1941
Forwarding Agents
Bush & Co
Douglas, Lapraik & Co.
H.Fogg & Co. Shanghai
Lemuel Goddard, London
Rawle Drinker & Co, Hong Kong
Wieler & Co
Hong Kong Miscellaneous
140th Anniversary of Hong Kong Stamps Souvenir Cover
8th Exhibition of Chinese Products Adhesive
Armorial Bearings of Hong Kong
Bombing Raid Hong Kong
Camps & Barracks in Hong Kong
Canton Sorting Office
First Train From Hung Hom Handstamp
Hong Kong Currency
Hong Kong Ship Mail
Hong Kong Tramways
Postal History
Postal Strike Via Hong Kong
Shipping in the Port of Hong Kong July 1850
Stamp Centenary Exhibition London 1940
Star Ferry , Mail Posted On
Tigers on the Peak
Train Office No 1 Kowloon-Canton Handstamp
Volapuk Language
W.E. Jones / E.I. Wynne-Jones
Hong Kong Study Circle
History of (Part 1)
History of (Part 2)
History of (Part 3)
History of (Part 4)
History of (Part 5)
History of (Part 6)
History of (Part 7)
Jubilee Meeting Displays
Then & Now , a Personal Reflection
Wilde and Webb Cup Entries 1986
Wilde and Webb Cup Entries 1988
Wilde and Webb Cup Entries 1989
Wilde and Webb Cup Entries 1990
Wilde and Webb Cup Entries 1991
Wilde and Webb Cup Entries 1992
Wilde and Webb Cup Entries 1993
Wilde and Webb Cup Entries 1994
Wilde and Webb Cup Entries 1995
Wilde and Webb Cup Entries 1996
Wilde and Webb Cup Entries 1997
Wilde and Webb Cup Entries 1998
Wilde and Webb Cup Entries 1999
Wilde and Webb Cup Entries 2000
Wilde and Webb Cup Entries 2001
Wilde and Webb Cup Entries 2002
Instructional & Explanatory Markings
A Surcharge Is Due
Aboard Ship This Letter Collected From Box Provided (In Chinese)
Addressee Refused
Advertised Unclaimed
Air Mail, Boxed Rectangular
Box Closed
Came to Hand Without Contents
Charge Not Collected
Charge Not Collected in Hong Kong
Charge Not Collected in Kowloon
Colonial Share Of Fine
Colony's Share Of Fine
Compulsory Registration
D.L.O. (Dead Letter Office) Rectangular Type Zii 1905
Damaged - See DAMAGED MAIL Topic
Damaged By Sea-Water
Dead Letter Office
Dead Letter Office Shanghai
Deficiency Of . . . . Paid By Sender
Deficient Postage / British Share Of Fine
Deficient Postage / Colony's Of Fine
Deficient Postage / Fine
Delayed Mail
Detained For Postage
Detained in France During German Occupation
Detained in Hong Kong by Japanese
Diamond Sorting Marks
Directional Markings
Endorsement Made by Box Holder
Express Fee Paid
F and V Handstamps
Found Loose and Repacked
Free on Post Office Business (Shanghai 1906)
Gone Away Parti
House Delivery Attempted on
Insufficently Prepaid for Airmail Transmission
Insufficiently Prepaid
Insufficiently Prepaid for Transmission by Air
Late Fee Paid
Liable to Letter Rates
Mail Cannot Be Delivered Because of the War in Hong Kong (In Chinese)
Maldirige (Misdirected) Boxed Marking
MD Handstamp
Missent To Hong Kong
Money Order Office
Not Known
On Post Office Business
Over Weight . . . . . . To Pay
P.O. Box Closed
Paid in Rectangular Frame on KGVI Adhesives
Paid in Red in Circle on QV Covers
Paid Only to Hong Kong, Boxed, on 1869 Cover
Passed Free of Postage
Please Inform Sender
Post Box Fire Handstamp
Post Box Fire Kowloon
Postage In Excess
Postage Paid
Postage Paid - KSO / KSL
Postage Stamp Lost In Transit (English and French)
Postage Stamps of This Packet Lost in Transit (Bilingual)
Poste Restante
Prohibited in Script
Received After Ships Departure
Received Damaged - See DAMAGED MAIL Topic
Received in Forward Bag
Received In Such Condition GPO Shanghai
Received Under Cover and Posted on Request by . . . Philatelic Bureau
Received Without Contents
Received Without Stamp
Received Without Stamp HK GPO
Refused / Refuse
Return For Postage Due in Chinese
Return To Sender Bilingual Arrow
Return To Sender Reasons
Return To Sender Unclaimed (Trilingual)
Returned By Agent
Returned For . . . . Additional Postage
Returned For Better Address
Returned For Better Address
Returned For Postage
Returned For Postage/Postage Due . . . Cents
Second And Final Notice
Shop Closed
Small Packet (Bilingual)
Stamp Off
The Post Office Much Regrets...Delayed During Transmission...
This Item Has Been Posted Out of Course . . . . .
Too Late
Typhoon Chop
U.S. Charge to Collect
UK Industrial Action Label 1988
Unclaimed , Non Reclame
Unclaimed Return To Sender (Bilingual)
Undelivered For Reason Stated/Return To Sender
Unknown in Kowloon
Value of Stamps/Sum To Be Collected
Via Siberia
Withheld in Hong Kong Post Offfice During the War
Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong
Branch Offices
Commemorative Cancel 1942
Da Luz Covers
Detained Mail
Exchange Ships and POW Mail
Foreign Mails Released From Hong Kong After War Began ?
Foreign Rates
Great East Asia Set
Instructional Markings
Japanese 1½ sen Green
Mail Dates
Post War Destruction of Japanese Stamps
Postal Stationery - Envelope
Withheld in Hong Kong Post Office During the War Handstamp
Late Fee
No Sub-Topics
20th Century Hong Kong U.P.U. Letter Rates, Lee C.Scamp
A Brief History on Hong Kong Postal Cancellations (Vols. 3&4), China Philatelic Association and Hong Kong Post
A Brief History on Hong Kong Postal Cancellations (Vols. 3&4), China Philatelic Association and Hong Kong Post
A Study of Hong Kong Definitives : King Edward VII and King George V, Halewood and Antscherl
British Maritime Postal History Vol. 1, Kirk
British Post Offices in the Far East, Proud
Cancellations of Hong Kong 1841-1941 - Update, Schoenfeld
Cancellations of Hong Kong 1841-1941, H. Schoenfeld
Cancellations of the Treaty Ports of Hong Kong 1850-1930, H. Schoenfeld
China Philately
Contemporary Hong Kong Post Office Cancellations - 1989
Contemporary Hong Kong Post Office Cancellations 1983
Crown Colony of Wei Hai Wei (Goldsmith/Goodwyn)
Descriptive Catalogue of the Postage Stamps and Cards issued by the Hong Kong Post Office, Mencarini (Reprint)
Detained in Hong Kong and the Ones That Got Away (Sam Chiu) The China Clipper 62(5) July 1998
Far East Mail Ship Schedules: British, Indian, French, American and Japanese Mail Ship Schedules, 1840-1880, Scamp
Hong Kong - Japanese Occupation and Mr. H.da Luz, M.W. Tsang
Hong Kong 1939-1997, Forces Postal History Society Newsletter
Hong Kong 1941-1945, The Effect of the Second World War on the Supply of Postal Stamps and other Postal Materials, Rod Vousden
Hong Kong : The 1898 10c on 30c Provisional Issue, Alfred Chu
Hong Kong : The High Denomination Stamps of the Queen Victoria Period and Fiscal Stamps Used for Postage, Gurevitch
Hong Kong Airmails 1924-41 - Additions and Corrections
Hong Kong and the Treay Ports, White
Hong Kong Arrival Markings, Scamp
Hong Kong Arrival Markings, Scamp & Harmon
Hong Kong Fiscal Stamps, Huygens
Hong Kong Forgeries, M.W. Tsang
Hong Kong Philatelic Society - Journal No. 5 (2001)
Hong Kong Philatelic Society - Journal No. 6 (2002)
Hong Kong Philatelic Society - Journal No. 7 (2003)
Hong Kong Philatelic Society Journal No. 1 (1997)
Hong Kong Philatelic Society Journal No. 3 (1999)
Hong Kong Philatelic Society Journal No. 4 (2000)
Hong Kong Postage Stamps of the Queen Victoria Period - A Collector's Notebook, Gurevitch
Hong Kong Postal Stationery, H. Schoenfeld
Hong Kong Postcards, M.W.Tsang
Hong Kong Queen Victoria Postal Adhesives, Air Commodore Richard Gurevitch
Hong Kong Registration Labels ; 2nd Edition, Ming W. Tsang
Hong Kong Security Markings, M.W. Tsang
Hong Kong Slogan Cancels, China Philatelic Association & Hong Kong Post Office Philatelic Bureau
Hong Kong Treaty Ports,M.W.Tsang
Maritime Postal History - Vol. 2 - The P&O Lines to the Far East by Reg Kirk
Philatelic History of Hong Kong Vol.1 Adhesives
Postage Due and the Handling of Underpaid Mail of Hong Kong, S.Chiu and K.Tsui
Postage Rates of China 1867-1980,Sieh and Blackburn
Postage Stamps & Postal History Catalogue of Hong Kong - 1987, N.C.Yang
Postage Stamps &Postal History Catalogue of Hong Kong, Yang
Postal History of Hong Kong Vol.1 1841-1958
Postal History of the P&O Service to the Peninsula, R.Kirk
Postal History Society of China - Journal No. 1 (2001)
Postal History Society of China - Journal No. 2 (2001)
Postal History Society of China - Journal No. 3 (2002)
Postal History Society of China - Journal No. 4 (2002)
Postal Rate History of China and Hong Kong, Lee C.Scamp
Registration Labels, M.W. Tsang
Scott's Catalogue Valuation of Hong Kong
Shanghai Postal System, Dugan
Stanley Gibbons Catalogues
Study of the Hong Kong Adhesives of King George VI, Halewood and Antscherl
The 1891 Jubilee Overprint of Hong Kong, Shiu Hon Chan
Webb Book Correction
Marine Sorters
Cessation of
Instructions to Sorters
Singapore to Hong Kong
Metered Mail
No Sub-Topics
No Sub-Topics
Naval and Military Mail
The Boxer Rebellion - Base Office Cancellations
Official Mail
Military Mail
Official Paid
Official Paid Sham Shui Po
QV Postcard Overprinted O.H.M.S.
Security Liaison Office Hong Kong
Other Countries
Australia - POW Mail from Hong Kong
Austrian Connection
Austrian Ship Markings
Canada - Earliest Mail from Hong Kong
Canada - FAM 14 Air Mail rates 1936-1941
Canada - Force C
Canada - Forces in Hong Kong
Canada, Bulk Mailing to
Dutch Ship Markings
French - Corps Exp. Du Tonkin LN No 5
French - Poss. Ang. V. Suez/Marseille
French Shanghai PO 5104
French Ship Markings
German Military Maritime
German PoW WWI
German Sea Post
German Ship Markings
Great Britain 2½d & Hong Kong 10c on Cover
Great Britain D27 to D30 in Upright Ovals
Greek Currency Control Marking
Indian FPO 127
Indian Intaglio Marking
Indian Missent in Mail
Indian Uniform Ship Letter Postage
Italian Lloyd Triestino / Conte Rosso / Conte Verde
Italian Mail Boats and Ships
Japan - Maritime Mail
Russian - Siberia
Russian Couriers, Mail Sent by
Russian Shanghai P.O.
Russian Ship Marks
Russian Trans-Siberian Railway
Singapore Dumb/Checkerboard Cancel
Singapore Paquebot
USA Military
USA Ship Markings
Honolulu Packet Boat
Kiirun (Formosa)
San Francisco
Straight Line Unframed
Parcel Post
Branch Offices
Parcel Post Cancellation - New Discovery
Trans Siberian Railway
Type P5
Type Pi Parcel Post
Post Office
Automated Mailing System
Early History
Express Mail Service
International Mail Centre (I.M.C.)
Mechanized Letter Sorting
Philatelic Sales Centre
Pillar Box - Date Manuscript on Adhesives
Postal Future
Postal Orders
Postman's Delivery Round Beat Chops
Rapid Box Delivery Service
Regulations 1844
Typhoon Emergency
Undelivered Correspondence
Postage Due
Adhesives QEII
Machine Marking
on Business Reply Service Envelopes
T Markings
Underpaid Envelope Labels, Bilingual
Hong Kong Handstamp
Hong Kong / 1945 / Postage Paid Straight Line
Machine Marking
Permit Mail
Postage Paid 1945 Octagonal
Postage Paid by Bush & Co
Typhoon Emergency
Postal Fiscals
$1 on $2
10c Violet
12c on $10 on Cover
1938 5c Stamp Duty
QV 1890 2c Dull Purple
QV 2c
QV 2c Greenish Grey
Unauthorised Use
Postal History
Barker Tientsin Correspondence
Boer War Cover To China 1902
Canton to Philadelphia, an Early Correspondence
Captain Bruce Corrrespondence 1842-1845
Captain Lyons Correspondence 1849
Challenger Expedition 1872-76
Chinese Labour Corps and Before
Chusan-Aberdeen 1845 , Before and After the P&O
Colonial Reports 1902-1919
Colourful A1 Cover
Consignee Covers
Contract Mails
Culbertson Correspondence
Delayed Mail From Europe 1865
Delivery of Commercial Mails Direct to Ship
Dickson Correspondence to Sweden 1869-1870
Disinfected Mail
Earliest Known Cover From Hong Kong
Earliest Known Hong Kong Cover
Early Brindisi 38c Cover
Early China Mail
Extra Mails
First P&O Voyage from Hong Kong
Franco-Prussian War 1870
Gombert Correspondence : Shanghai to Breslau 1862-64
Handstruck '6' Accountancy Marking
Hong Kong - Athens? Via Alexandria? 1849
Hong Kong - Austrian Connection
Hong Kong - England via Calcutta 1856
Hong Kong - Leghorn : An Early Letter to Italy
Iraq Mail Route
John Markham Correspondence
La Place Cover 1859
Letter to the Court of Sardinia
Mail to China & Japan 1889
Mail to the Far East in Edwardian Times
National Archives CO.129 Series
New Zealand Pemberton Wilson Cover With 12c on $10 Fiscal
Ningpo to Canton via Hong Kong Cover with Bearing Handstamp, 1846
Opium War
P&O Braganza - First Voygage 1845
Plague in Hong Kong 1894
Plymouth - Hong Kong - New York 1859-60
S.S. Daldorch, Ship Cover from, 1938
S.S. Lady Mary Wood
Stock Correspondence 1881 (Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co.)
Trade With China (1835)
Vaccine Virus
Waghorn's Overland Mail
War & Pestilence
Wrapper From Joseph Archer to Canton 1834
Postal Markings - 62B
No Sub-Topics
Postal Markings - B62
Dates of Usage, Earliest and Latest
In Blue on QV 12c Wmk.CC
On French Colonies Issue
On Straits Settlements 3c Revenue
Postal Markings - H62 & 2H62
No Sub-Topics
Postal Markings - Hong Kong Cancels
1907 Cancellators
Air Mail CDS used on Arrival
Bilingual Frankings Introduced 1997
Change from Double to Single-Ring
Dates of Usage , Earliest and Latest
Double Circle Numbers
Double Lined Broken CDS
H.K.1/H.K.2 Triangular Bulk Handstamps
Hong Hong
Hong Kong Paid in Blue
Hong Kong Top and Bottom CDS
Index C, CC, S, T
Index Letters in Cancels
International Mail Centre (I.M.C.)
Large Triple-Circle Cancels
Machine Cancellations
Mobile PO
P.B. (Post Box Cancel)
P.B. Rapid Box Delivery Service
Parcel Post - New Discovery
Red Ink Cancellations
Red-Brown Cancellations
Returned Letter Office
Roller Cancellations
Special Events
T Index Letter Sideways on QV 5c Blue
Type C - Paid All
Type D
Type EE
Type F
Type H
Type Ii
Type Iii
Type Ji
Type Jii
Type L
Type Li
Type M
Type N
Type O
Type O LRD
Type P
Type P5 Parcels CDS
Type Q
Type Rxvii
Type S(iii)
Type W
Type W Cancellations in Use 1987
Types W, Wi, Wii
Undated for Food Parcels
Unidentified Types
University Post Office 1912
Postal Markings - Pre-Adhesive
Dates of Usage, Earliest and Latest
Paid at Hong Kong - Extra Small - Unrecorded
Type 1 - Military Post Office China
Type 12 - Small Hong Kong Datestamp
Type 13 - First Normal Hong Kong CDS
Type 3 - Post Office Hong Kong - Use in 1846
Type 5 - Victoria Hong Kong with Crown
Type 6 - Paid at Hong Kong Large Crowned
Type 7 - Hong Kong Large Datestamp
Type 8 - Paid at Hong Kong Medium Crowned
Type 8 - Paid at Hong Kong Medium Crowned - Paid Deleted
Type 9 - Hong Kong Medium Datestamp
Type 9 - Hong Kong Medium Datestamp with Serifs ?
Type 9a - Hong Kong Medium Datestamp
Postal Rates
15c Non-UPU Postcard Rate
1852 Unrecorded 1/- Ship Letter Rate
1873 Rates
1c Rate
2c Local Rate 1876-1931
34c Rate
3d Newspaper Rate
8d. Naval Officer's Rate
Air Mail
Airmail Post-War
Canadian FAM 14 Air Mail Rates 1936-1941
Mulitple Weight Letter Rates
Officer's Privilege Rate 1859-70
QV Era
To Italy
Postal Stationery
Advice of Parcel Awaiting Collection
Air Letter QEII Returned to Sender
Air Letters
China Overprint
Costs in 1950
Customs Declaration
Earliest Dates
GPO Use Air Mail Labels
International Reply Coupons
KEVII Postcards
KGV Envelopes
KGV Postcards
KGV Registered Envelopes
KGVI Postcard P50
Officially Sealed Labels
Postage Paid Permit Mail
Postcard Rates Surface Mail
Postcard Wrapper
Printed Receipt Form
QEII Registered Envelopes
QV 4c Grey Postcard
QV One Cent Double Surcharge on 3c
QV One Cent Missing T Overprint
QV One Cent on 3 Cents
QV Postcard Overprinted O.H.M.S.
QV Postcard P7
QV Postcards
QV Provisional Postcards
Receipt for Registered Letter
Recorded Delivery Receipt
Registered Envelopes
Returned Letter Office Envelopes
Postal Stationery - Aerogrammes
Bird Air Letter / Aerogramme
Christmas 1975 - 1980
Christmas 1981
Christmas 1982
Flying Goose
Flying Horse Air Letter / Aerogramme
Hing Shing Printing
Hotel Miramar
Huna-Hina Printing Co.
Progressive Printing
Sheck Wah Tong Aerogramme
Wing Heng
PoW Mail
After Liberation
Australia from Hong Kong
Exchange Ships & PoW Mail
RAF Post
1945-46 Mail
1972 Museum Cover
1978 Kai Tak - Sek Kong
Escaping Society Cover
Kai Tak
RAF Post Office
Registered Mail
1945 Service
AR Advice of Receipt
Cancellations - Earliest/Latest Dates of Usage
Double-Ring Numbered Registered Handstamps
Insured Labels
Labels & Etiquettes
Official Mail
R in Circle
R in Oval Cover
R/Hong Kong GPO-No in Red
Receipts for Registered Letters
Registered Handstamp
Registered Hong Kong CDS
Registration Numbers Treaty Ports
Type R in Black
Type Rxvii
Unclaimed 1906
Unidentified Marking KEVII
Salvaged Mail
Air Mail Crash Covers General
Boadicea Crash and Hong Kong Mail, 1936
Centurion Crash 1939 and Hong Kong Mail
Coorong Flying Boat, Darwin 1938
Imperial Airways
Security Markings
Daily Press (DP)
Date Manuscript on Adhesives
Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock Company Limited
Lists Published with Newsletters
Private Chop, Seal or Signet
Stamped' on QV Adhesives
Study Group Website
Ship Markings
BM in Oval, Boite Mobile (Mobile Box)
Mailboat Lost 1898
P&O Calcutta Line
P&O Calcutta to Hong Kong , Prelude to
Ship Letter Victoria Hong Kong
Webb Type G
Slogan Cancels
Are You Supporting the British War Organisation Fund
British War Organisation Fund
British Week
Buy Bombers
Buy Tombola Spills
V Victory Handstamp
Stamp Booklets
No Sub-Topics
Trans-Pacific Mail
No Sub-Topics
Trans-Siberian Mail
No Sub-Topics
Treaty Ports
1907 Cancellators
Blue-Green Obliterators/Killers
British Postal Agencies
Cancels on Covers
Censored in Manuscript
China 2c Wrapper
Closure of British Agencies in China
Closure of British Agencies in Japan
D27 to D30 in Upright Ovals (British)
Directional Markings
Earliest-Latest Dates
Foreign Residents in 1906
Hainan-Samah Land Post
Hong Kong & the Treaty Ports
Index Letters in Cancels
Killer Cancellations
Mail Making up at the B.P.O. Agencies in China
Mail to China & Japan 1889
Postal Changes in 1916-17
Registration Handstamp
Registration Numbers
Single Figure Year Handstamps
Treaty Ports - Bangkok
British Consulate
British P.O.
Dumb/Checkboard Cancel
Royal Arms Marking
Type A
Treaty Ports - Amoy
Earliest Recorded Letter From British Postal Agency?
HBM Post Office
Registered Cover
Registered Oval
Type A
Type Dii Without Index Letter
Type E
Type G
Type H
Type I
Type Ii
Type Iii
Type Jiii
Type K
Type Ki
Unidentified Marking
Treaty Ports - Canton
Arrival CDS Red
Black Blobs on Adhesives
Canton Chinese P.O. Arrival Markings
CDS with Year MR
Dollar Chop
Mail Into During the Second Opium War 1857-1861
Postage Due
Type B
Type Di
Type Diii Reversed B Index
Type Div
Type Dv
Type E
Type Ei (Index Letter A)
Type Eii
Type Eiii
Type F
Types B & C on Same Cover
Treaty Ports - Chefoo
Large R in Circle
Type A Sub-Types
Type C
Types A, B, & C
Treaty Ports - Foochow
First Recorded Letter?
Postal Service c1881
Type G
Type G on Cover
Type K Boxed 'Cancelled'
Treaty Ports - Hankow
Registered Cover
S1 Cancel
Type B
Type L
Treaty Ports - Hiogo
Hiogo & Nagasaki
Treaty Ports - Hoihow
Missent to Hoihow Marking
Type D
Type D on S.O. Overprint on QV 10c Purple/Red
Type G
Type H
Type Hi
Types F, G
Treaty Ports - Japan
British PO
Foreign PO
Ship Markings
Treaty Ports - Kiungchow
D28 with S1
Type B
Treaty Ports - Macao
Boat Office Macao
M1 Killer?
Macau Arrival Markings 1892-1916
P Paid Type 7
Prohibited in Script Marking
Treaty Ports - Manila & Philippines
Letters From Manila
Manuscript Numeral Markings
Missent to Manila
P&O Service 1858-1860
Treaty Ports - Nagasaki
Arrival Marking ?
Hiogo & Nagasaki
Treaty Ports - Ningpo
N1 with S1
Registered Envelope 1903
Type B
Type C
Type D
Type Ei
Type Ei Index C
Treaty Ports - Shanghai
12CentsTax Handstamp
BPO Closing Date CDS
BPO In Memoriam
Dead Letter Office Shanghai
Duplicate Notice Marking
Earliest Cancel
Earliest Letter From Shanghai
Early Mail
Found in Mails for Shanghai
Free On Post Office Business Marking
French PO 5104
Index A CDS
Local Post
Local Post
Local Post Type A
Post Office Paid
Received in Such Condition GPO Shanghai Marking
Registration Handstamp
Registration Oval in Red
Russian P.O.
S1 0n 1885 20c on 30c
S1 Survey
S1 with N1
Seven Pointed Star
Shanghae Double-Lined Circle
To & From Shanghai
Too Late Markings
Type 1 - Shanghae Post Office Paid
Type 2
Type 3 - Shanghae Post Office Paid
Type 5
Type 6
Type A
Type Bii
Type C
Type D
Type E
Type Ei
Type Eii
Type F Without Index
Type Fiii
Type Gii
Type H
Type Hii
Type I
Type J
Type L
Type M
Treaty Ports - Swatow
Boxed Registration
Circular Datestamps CDS
Registration Handstamps
Type B
Type D
Type Fiii ERD
Type Giii
Type I
Type I Late Usage
Types 1 & 2
Treaty Ports - Tientsin
Barker Tientsin Correspondence
British PO
British PO Unusual CDS
Customs CDS
On Post Office Business
Postal History
Transit Cancel ?
Type 2 IPO Ever Used ?
Type A Inward
Type B
Type B ERD
Type B LRD
Type D
Treaty Ports - Wei Hai Wei (Liu Kung Tau)
Closure of Offices
Local Post
Oval Cancellation
Port Edward Registration
Registration Handstamp
Type E
Treaty Ports - Yokohama
Closure of British Agencies in Japan
Unidentified Markings
No Sub-Topics
Wartime Mail
Airmail Cover from Japanese-Occupied Tientsin
During Japanese Occupation
Foreign Mails Released from Hong Kong after the War Began ?
WWI - Censor Markings
WWI - H.K.S.B.R.G.A.
WWII - Air Mail Routes
WWII - Airmail Cover Just Prior to Japanese Occupation
WWII - Censor Markings
WWII - Evacuee Mail 1940
WWII - Mail
WWII - Mail Detained in Hong Kong
WWII - Mail to Hong Kong
WWII - Routes
WWII - SR TR LR SB Handstamps